Jojoba Oil Acne Treatment – Is Jojoba Oil Good For Acne?

Jojoba Oil Acne Treatment - Is Jojoba Oil Good For Acne?

Jojoba is a botanical extract and it’s derived from the jojoba tree notably from its seeds. It’s actually an oil but somehow they call it a wax ester. The latter is similar to the skin oil of humans called the sebum. Jojoba oil has many benefits for the skin. Apart having anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, it provides long lasting moisture, rehydrates and rejuvenates the skin, prevents flaking and enhances the natural protection of your skin. You’ll get a smooth, healthy and supple complexion.

What about jojoba oil being used for acne treatment? Actually jojoba oil is good for acne and this can come as a surprise for many people as using oil to treat acne is unheard of, like how can you use oil to treat oily skins which are proned for acne outbreaks? Using oil on already oily skins won’t clog the pores further and worsen your acne? But that’s not the case. Actually, due to the unique properties of jojoba oil, the contrary effect will happen meaning it will break the sebum which is clogging the pores instead, resulting in the unblocking of your skin pores.

By nature, jojoba oil is non-greasy and makes your skin look oil-free rather. What jojoba oil does is it balances the skin production of sebum and as you might know, when your hormones are disturbed say by things like stress, this can trigger an overproduction of sebum by your skin sebaceous or oil glands. When this happens, chances of getting acne breakouts are higher. So by regulating and controlling the production of sebum, preventing overproduction and making your skin less oily, jojoba oil prevents acne from erupting. How can jojoba oil regulate sebum buildup? Well it simply manages to trick your body and make it think it’s actually sebum. When this happens, your sebaceous glands will tend to produce less oil since they think your skin already has enough of it.

Jojoba oil alone isn’t enough to combat acne totally but it does contribute to shrink the pores quite a bit. It can also aid a bit in fading acne scars. Just a few droplets of jojoba oil per day is enough to apply on your skin. Rub them on the palm of your hands and then apply it on your face. You also have soaps with jojoba oil and these are also healing for the skin. By nature, jojoba oil acts mostly as a lightweight moisturizer and can nourish your skin to treat acne. Jojoba oil is affordable and is effective for mild acne like small zits or pimples.