Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is the most famous cooking agent, which is a bulb like shape and belongs to the Allium (like Onions) family. Garlic has a wonderful aroma, taste and unpleasant smell. It is used as raw, cooking, chutneys, pickles, curry powders, ketchups, culinary and medical purposes. It contains lots of flavonoids, enzymes, sugars, antioxidants, proteins, minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B6, C, copper, calcium, potassium, iodine, silicone, sulphur, zinc, selenium, manganese and phosphorus. So all of them in it has lots of health benefits to our body and not bad to say it is the most powerful healing foods on the earth. Finally enjoy reading the amazing health benefits of garlic as follows:

  1. Due to the presence of vitamins A, B, C and some powerful minerals like selenium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium, it helps to prevent common cold, cough and throat irritations. It also boosts your immune system and reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections.
  2. It contains allyl sulfur, which helps to reduce the rate of growth in a tumor and prevents from blocking oesophagal, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer.
  3. It contains ajoene (A powerful compound), which helps to reduce the risk of arterial plaque formation and blood clots to prevent from heart attack and strokes. It also helps your body in thinning of the blood, raise the HDL (Good) cholesterol and keep the blood flow in vessels maintain.
  4. It contains potassium and allicin, which helps to lower the blood pressure and increase the production of nitric oxide in the lining of blood vessel walls to relax them. Due to nitric oxide synthase and the compounds present in garlic helps to treat impotence.
  5. Regularly eating garlic for the pregnant lady helps to maintain the baby’s weight in the womb, thus maintain a healthy pregnancy and preventing low weight babies.
  6. Due to the presence of antioxidants, it helps to detoxify and cleanses the body. It also helps to kill the harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus present in the body.
  7. Due to its antibacterial, analgesic, and anesthetizing properties, it also helps to treat toothache and keeps gums healthy, cure leprosy and ease digestive disorders.
  8. It also helps to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Garlic has many other health benefits like Kill leukemia cells, retinopathy, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, improve our metabolism of iron, enhances circulatory health, stabilizing blood sugar, relief from herpes, combat allergies, sinusitis, gingivitis, protect from tuberculosis, asthma attack, helps in lung decongestant and many more. If you more health benefits of garlic, then please share your knowledge with us through our comment box given below to serve others better.