What You Should Know About Thermage Procedures

About Thermage Procedures

Thermage Procedure Candidates

Any man or woman accompanying some skin color, who has considerable skin sagging and is not yet ready, or apt or able to have a surgical face lift. Thermage may be accomplished in around any area, such as the face, neck, abdomen, arm, or eyes.

Thermage Procedure Description

Thermage functions by delivering heat energy (radiofrequency) via a hand piece to the deeper parts of the skin (dermis). This hand piece additionally incorporates a cooling spray that protects the top layer of the skin (epidermis) from harm. The heat energy stimulates the deeper tissues to contract to decrease the appearance of lines.

Eventually, a new layer of collagen develops and remodels to aid in an even firmer appearance to the skin. This action is non-ablative in that it does not create damage to the surface of the skin.

Thermage does not cause damage to the surface of the skin, unlike dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. As a result, there is absolutely little “down time” where a patient may have to worry about being able to appear in public. Treatments should take up to 2 hours, depending upon the parts of the treatment area.

Patients regularly go back to work the same day, unlike a facelift, where patients normally take at least 2-4 weeks to recover. Similarly, there is no scar unlike the surgical face lift. Effects from Thermage can last from 6 months up to 2 years.

Thermage Healing & Downtime

Thermage is not painful and does not require an anesthetic cream in most cases. Side effects may include redness, swelling, bumps and blisters. These ordinarily resolve within a few hours. Patients can return to work the same day, unlike other treatments where the patient may not be able to return to work, or appear in public for at least 2-4 weeks, the competitor’s recovery time.

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